Local info for San Miguel


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What to Do:

In additional to regional fiestas depending on the time of year (such as Day of the Dead, various saints' days, Independence Day, Semana Santa and more), you can:

  • take daytrips to historic cities nearby (Guanajuato and Queretaro are the two most popular daytrips, plus the old mining town/art community of Pozos)
  • take language classes (we can arrange for a tutor to come to your house or find regular courses for you)
  • take art classes (sometimes, special one-day classes in oil/paper mache/photography/painting/printmaking can be arranged for groups of 3 or more)
  • shop (some of the best selections of galleries/folk art/ceramics/jewelry/household items/furniture/clothing in Mexico can be found here)
  • visit the studios and ateliers of local artisans (many ceramicists, jewelry makers, painters, furniture makers work in the area)
  • go swimming in the nearby hot springs (20 min. outside of town)
  • take a hot air balloon ride
  • play golf (we have a challenging 9-hole course at a country club just outside of town; day passes there also give you access to their Olympic-sized pool and clay tennis courts)
  • play tennis - several private and public courses available
  • go horseback riding in the countryside
  • go on the Sunday "House and Garden Tour", which takes you behind the walls and doors to three different houses each week (and it's a fund-raiser for the local library)
  • attend concerts during the many music festivals held here throughout the year
  • attend art gallery openings - usually at least one a week
  • have spa treatments (facials/pedicures/massages)
  • have a facelift !!! (many people come here for that...)
  • take cooking classes (several cooking classes are available, plus there are private teachers who take into their houses to learn family recipes)
  • RELAX! -- just sit in the main square or in a cafe and enjoy the peaceful pace of life here
  • eat ... many fine restaurants here (safe food and water in the more upscale places)

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